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With this script you can now hire a crew from any of the 3 locations on your map. Simply walk up to one of the locations and press E on your keyboard or right d-pad on your controller to purchase.

You can hire as many crew members as you like, they will follow you around and help you in gunfights.

Each crew has their own strengths, weapons, outfits and prices.

Bugstars Crew - Hire from the Bugstars warehouse entrance.
A Bugstars crew member will cost $2500 each. These are basic crew members wearing the Bugstars outfit, bag and mask. They will have small amounts of armor and basic weapons like pistols and SMGs.

Heist Crew - Hire from Lester's office in his factory.
A heist crew member will cost $5000 each. These are a lot stronger than the Bugstars crew, they will be wearing smart suits with balaclavas. The heist crew member will have heavy armour and stronger weapons like MK2 rifles and revolvers.

Bodyguards - Hire from the Ammu-Nation whiteboard in Cypress Flats.
A bodyguard will cost $10,000 each. These are elite members wearing casual clothes with visible heavy armor and the best weapons like MGs, shotguns and marksman rifles.

Copy the Crew.CS file to your games scripts folder located at Grand Theft Auto v\ scripts\

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