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*As Featured on GameSpot and Kotaku*

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New in v0.1.13: Weapon unlock system. Access the weapons tree through Menu > Character Menu > Weapons to unlock weapons for SP when you reach the required level. Leveling up will show you which weapons are available. Icons will be fixed later.

A .NET GTA V mod which adds typical RPG features such as leveling, questing, non-linear dialogue, skills, looting and more. Dialog
at the moment is a 'first' try and will be improved later on. Currently a Work In Progress with many features planned such as:
  • Dynamic cutscenes
  • Skill trees for weapons
  • Car mod skill trees
  • Rich character-driven storyline
  • Additional minigames, e.g. survival

Release Video: Youtube Link

Full source code is available on github (below).

Contact email: info@logicspawn.co.uk

Hosted ONLY at:

1. ScriptHookV , ScriptHookV.Net v1.1 , Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64) should be installed as a prerequisite
2. The following files are required but are already included: NAudio 1.7.3 (NAudio.dll and NAudio.WindowsMediaFormat.dll), Newtonsoft.Json 6.0.8
3. Copy the entire GTARPG folder into your "scripts" folder inside Grand Theft Auto V's install directory so you have 'scripts/GTARPG/ *etc*'
4. Run the game and press Y to enter RPG mode

ScriptHookV v1.0.393.4: http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/
ScriptHookV.Net v1.1: https://github.com/crosire/scripthookvdotnet/releases/tag/v1.1
.NET 4.5: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653
C++ Redistributable: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=40784

Bug Reporting
Please report bugs with a copy of your log if it helps
(My Documents > Rockstar Games > GTA V > RPGMod > log )

Known bugs: Character may be invisible after character select, seems like GTA doesn't like you having certain models. For me moment till it's fixed you'll need to create a new character. New game key is F10

- Progressive Exp System
- Dynamic NPC dialog with a range of NPCs
- RNG-Based Item and loot system
- Quest System with onscreen tracker
- Simplistic RPG UI
- Indepth Skill System with Skill Trees and upgrades
- Xbox 360 Controller support

Navigate Up - Num8 / Dpad Up / Arrow Up
Navigate Down - Num2 / Dpad Down / Arrow Down
Navigate Left - Num4 / Dpad Left / Arrow Left
Navigate Right - Num6 / Dpad Right / Arrow Right
Previous Menu/Back - Backspace / Xbox B
Activate - Num5 / Xbox A / Enter
End Dialog(Debug Cmd) - Num0

Help - F7
Save - F8
ToggleUI - F9
New Game - F10

Quest Log - L
Character Menu - O / Xbox A + Up
Inventory - I / Xbox A + Right
Show Menu - J / Xbox A + Left
Spawn Car - K / Xbox A + Down
Interact - E / Hold Xbox A

Skill 1 - T / Xbox X + Up
Skill 2 - Y / Xbox X + Right
Skill 3 - CapsLock / Xbox LS
Skill 4 - U / Xbox X + Down
Skill 5 - B / Xbox X + Left

Any support is definitely welcome, feedback is an important part of the process of creating this mod. If you are kind enough to donate, please let me know if you'd like to be included in the game as a character ,contribute any suggestions or something else.


000 - Most likely a corrupt PlayerData.save or mod install. Try to delete your save file located in: (My Documents > Rockstar Games > GTA V > RPGMod) , verifying you have the prerequisites and restarting GTA.

Final Note
Hope you guys enjoy this mod and have a fun time!

- LogicSpawn

- Added weapon unlock system
- Leveling up will show what weapons are available to unlock
- Minor fixes
- Adjusted skill xp gain to 1 or 5% of exp gained
- Quests should be easier to follow with new icons and NPC header-text
- Added tutorials for contracts, npc icons and crafting
- Now supports config file
- Many options added to options menu
- Audio, Show the 'Press Y', autostart RPG mode etc (Keybinds coming soon)
- Vehicle Speedometer is now correctly placed on map
- Safearea setup is now clearer
- Toggle UI button now correctly toggles the UI
- Many spelling fixes
- Options menu now shows RPGMod Version
- Fixed excess ped spawning during missions
- Removed return to normal on script reload as it causes a crash. Return to normal mode through the menu before exiting
- No longer shows phone on reloading scripthookdotnet scripts
- Fixed targets not respawning when none left
- Error 000 for corrupt player data
- Fixed Messagebox actions
- Loading car will not infinite load when loading corrupt player data
- Verification for prerequisuites existing: ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet, .NET v4.5

Full log available in download's readme.txt
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  • Default

    I installed this mod exactly as you said and i have all the required softwares but the mod doesn't work. "Press y to enter RPG" doesn't appear although i can hear the intro song. Please help!!!!
    And i just started the game so do i need to progress further into the story?

    06 септември 2016
  • F67946 original transparent @mr reviloe profile picture made by tia morrell

    Can i inactivate the mod when i dont want to play the mod anymore?

    06 септември 2016
  • Default

    I just started my game today, completed the beginning mission and have the ability of playing Franklin in freeroam. After that I downloaded and installed all files. ScriptHookV, ScriptHookV.Net were both installed and placed into GTA folder where scripts are. Both Microsoft files were already installed/have the latest version when trying to install. When starting up the game, I press Y and nothing happens. The native trainer does work when i press F4 but Y does nothing. Cant figure out whats wrong as ive watched multiple videos.

    11 септември 2016
  • Default

    could or do you allow multiple of each skill to learned (Only at first does one pick their starting skill Slowmo Drive, Slowmo Aim, Rage). I wanted to make a mod called 3 Amigos where Franklin, Michael and Trevors skills can not only be used on foot/driving only, but could be combined when working together, though in your case 2 skills stack cause a combo skill when on your own

    Franklin - Slowmo Drive + Better Handling while Driving (On Foot = Nothing)
    - On foot: every moves slow, but Franklin is moving faster than usual (Enter the Matrix said if you run while in Focus, your actually moving faster)
    - + Trevor = Road Rage: Vehicle becomes invincible and Player takes no damage from crash (no Flying out of Seat)
    - + Micheal = Auto Shot: When skill is activated during Frank's skill, if player's cross-hair hovers over tires or people then Michael will shoot

    Michael - Slowmo + Good Aim Speed (In Car nothing)
    - In Car: Shooting Tires causes flips, shooting engine causes fire
    - + Trevor = All Headshot: Any person within a range of a target (Group/pack) is given auto-headshot
    - + Franklin = Can....I'm tired I'll stop for now.

    03 октомври 2016
  • Default

    @LogicSpawn You definitely need to update this. I would be neat if we could build custom characters using the customization options on the Freemode peds that are used for GTA Online.

    24 ноември 2016
  • Ee6bbe ucbr


    05 декември 2016
  • Default

    Not working and no support from @logicspawn. Basically dead.

    12 декември 2016
  • 906935 kavinsky  nightcall by rabidvegeta567 d5wjzi51

    works with scripthook v1.1 confirmed.

    19 декември 2016
  • 906935 kavinsky  nightcall by rabidvegeta567 d5wjzi51

    @LogicSpawn would be nice if we could get this mod updated; with more missions, character customizations, etc. I'm not sure why this mod was not updated - it sure is awesome! Please, bring it back!

    19 декември 2016
  • Default

    What is NAaudio.DLL ? When i search it from google it look like it's installer but when i see it in description it look like it's only dll that you can copy in gtav folder? Teach me please. No tutorial vid all mod works for me but this mod look like it's hard to do

    11 януари 2017
  • Heists2

    Hey, I downloaded the mod today and installed it as you said but whenever I open my game it gets stuck on the loading page.. Please help me

    14 януари 2017
  • Default

    не работает мод на клавишу Y!?

    26 януари 2017
  • Default

    Hi, I installed this mode, it works but I do not see matthew for the tutorial

    27 януари 2017
  • Default

    is this not compatible with the new ScriptHook versions? :(

    27 януари 2017
  • Default

    For me it does not work, needs an update?

    11 февруари 2017
  • 16a8e8 zjoriz126

    For anyone wo, like me, would like to play the RGP Mod with custom playermodels: I took the Deadpool and Widowmaker models and checked which models I needed to overwrite to make these appear in the Character Creation menu.
    - The archive I tested was \update\x64\dlcpacks\mppatchesng\dlc\x64\models\cdimages\mppatches.rpf, because the peds I downloaded should end up there anyway. They are listed in the order they appeared in my Character Creation menu.
    - Please note that finding the right model's filename can be some work, as some have several versions (for cutscenes, for example). Pay close attention to the name below, you should be able to piece together the filename of the ped by comparing with the archive's contents.
    - The new models appear to take over the animations and voice of the overwritten model. One of the Tourist females, for example, has an accent and is quite chatty, but doesn't have an interesting idle animation, while Bride is mostly mute but does have a different idle pose.

    Stwhi02AMY Vinewood01AMY Tennis01AMM Beachvesp01AMY SalvaBoss01GMY Zombie01 Xmech02SMY Pogo01 Tranvest01Amm Hasjew01AMY Famca01GMY Roadcyc01AMY Tranvest01AMM

    Bevhills04AFY Vinewood03AFY Miranda Tourist01AFY KerryMcintosh StripperliteSFY Bride Bartender01SFY Ashley Tourist02AFY Hotposh01 Topless01AFY ShopHighSFM ComJane Tonya Princess Scdressy01AFY Natalia Bikerchic Hooker03SFY Eastsa02AFY Indian01AFY Tanisha Jewelass Hipster04AFY Bevhills03AFY MovPrem01SFY Poppymich

    Oh and yes: please keep working on this mod! It's the one true reason I bought GTA:V in the first place, And I agree with most people that there's huge potential here.

    27 март 2017
  • Jimmy

    Last Updated: September 15, 2015 .. very outdated mod..

    30 март 2017
  • Tubeguy

    @nisheshg5 launch gta 5 as administrator... maybe it helpssss

    16 април 2017
  • A72d17 images

    I cant get this to work. Anyone getting this to work?

    25 април 2017
  • Default

    Not working.i tried everything i can.

    15 юни 2017
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