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This is literally Eddlm's mod. I've done the bare minimum in adding features, Eddlm should be credited for this entire thing. The only thing I actually did was change the squad presets, driving style, added the recruitment feature, and added hotkeys.

This is a small update for Eddlm's script Bodyguard Squads that changes a few things about the original script, and adds a recruitment feature (BETA, may stay in that state).


- Driving Styles: The driving styles have been tweaked a little bit. Careful, which was the driver basically driving normally but he would run through traffic lights and overtake vehicles occasionally, has been replaced by Normal, which is the driver driving like any other traffic ped, following traffic laws, stopping at red lights, not overtaking vehicles, etc. The driving style Normal, which was the driver driving a little bit more recklessly than careful, overtaking vehicles a little more often and driving a little faster, has been replaced with Rushed. Rushed basically has the same behavior as the old driving mod, except it's a little more polished. The driver will still try and overtake when it can and get around cars by any means necessary, as long as its safe. The final driving mode didn't really receive any tweaks, other than polishing it some and trying to make it to where you don't run into the back of every vehicle in front of you 24/7. I've somewhat achieved this result.

- Squad Presets: The squad presets have all been changed to reflect the title, Gangs. The possible choices are as following:

Madrazo Cartel
Marabunta Grande
Lost MC
plus three custom slots, editable in the .ini

- Recruit Feature (beta): The script now supports a recruit feature, allowing you to recruit any ped to a Squad and command them as such. The feature is still somewhat buggy, and the recruited peds may not listen sometimes but all-in-all it's functional.

- Hotkeys: I've added hotkeys for some of the more commonly used actions when using Bodyguards Squads. All of these keys are configurable in the .ini file, but I will list the defaults below with a description of the hotkey:

Key == Keys above keyboard, aka NOT NumPad

Call Squad Keys: Use these keys to call whichever squad you choose with whatever set up you have predefined in the menu.

Call squad 1: Key 1
Call Squad 2: Key 2
Call Squad 3: Key 3
Call Squad 4: Key 4
Call All Squads: Key 0

Dismiss Squads Modifier Key: The key you will hold when you want to dismiss squads instead of calling them. You hold this key and press whatever key you used to call the squad. So if you wanted to dismiss squad 1, you hold Shift, then press 1.

Dismiss Squads Modifier: Shift

Recruit Keys: The keys you use when you want to recruit the ped near you into a squad.

Recruit Squad 1: NumPad 1
Recruit Squad 2: NumPad 2
Recruit Squad 3: NumPad 3
Recruit Squad 4: NumPad 4

Driving Style Keys: The keys you use to switch driving styles on-the-go, and to send the driver to the waypoint (automatically sends to waypoint to update driving style).

Driving Style Normal Key: Divide (on NumPad)
Driving Style Rushed Key: Multiply (on NumPad)
Driving Style Fast Key: Subtract (on NumPad).


When in game, press "X" to open the menu. (Configurable in .ini file)

For all other documentation, go to the original Bodyguard Squads page While you're there, give his mod a thumbs up! ;)


.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
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