Automatic Lock / Unlock Car, Car lock system, lock and unlock vehicle without pressing a button 3.0.1

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- ScriptHookV,
- ScriptHookVDotNet,
- NAudio (included).


This mod makes the player lock and unlock car automatically and without touching
a button and it has a lot of features.

- Lock car when exiting it,
- Unlock car when trying to enter it (when you want to get in it),
- Alarm and locking/unlocking sound option (not horn sound) (volume editable),
- Lock and unlock only owned vehicles (the script will consider a vehicle owned
by the player if it is saved),
- Save vehicle (and make it persistent) auto or by pressing a button,
- Lock when canceled entering vehicle,
- Lock only if all car doors are closed,
- Lights on when unlocking (optional) (neon lights on when unlocking if it is installed in
the car),
- Coming Home (optional) (is when you lock the vehicle it's healights stay on for a few seconds)
- Roll up windows (optional),
- Unsave vehicle key option if you want to save the vehicle in a garage,
- Blinkers (optional),
- Interrior lights when unlocking (optional),
- Up to 20 cars.


Delete old version,
Put "AutomaticLockUnlock3.dll" file and "AutomaticLockUnlock3.ini" file and "NAudio.dll" file and "AutomaticLockUnlock" folder in "scripts" folder.


- Fixed sound file location issue,
- Included "NAudio.dll".

- Rewrote script,
- Added alarm and locking/unlocking sound,
- Added Roll up windows option,
- Added unsave vehicle key option,
- Added Coming Home option,
- Added compatibility with Coil Features,
- Added option to enable/disable interior lights,
- Added option to enable/disable headlights,
- Added option to enable/disable blinkers,
- Improved lights time,
- Improved hint display,
- Fixed interior lights doesn't turn off,
- Increased max vehicles to 20.

- Rewrote the script,
- Fixed can't reenter nodoors vehicles and helis after exiting,
- Fixed lock not owned cars like when you exit a taxi it will be locked,
- Improved indicator lights blinking,
- Added ini file for toggling autosave vehicle and custom key to save vehicle.

- First release.


- Alexander Blade,
- Crosire.


Mods i'm planning to make:
- Personal Driver Service,
- Personal Pilot,
- John Wick Weapon Sounds (makes weapon sounds like the movie john wick),
- Prison Mod (if the player gets arrested he goes to the prison),
- Valet Parking Service (a vip service).

Mods i'm planing to update:
- Los Santos Bus Service,
- Long Travel Bus Service,
- Los Santos Realistic Taxis,
- Coil Features,
- Fuel Reloaded,
- Police Car Eliminator,
- Los Santos Flight Service.

My discord: WTLS#8221

My Patreon is where to support me: www.patreon.com/WTLS

Do NOT redistribute or reupload without getting permission from the author of the reuploaded file!

Development status: updated.
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