MP Female to Franklin 2019 v1.1c Standalone

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v1.1c : (STANDALONE)
-Added 30 clothings (Total above 90)-
-Added Required Upper-bodies-
-Added Mufflers, Necklace and Bracelets-
-Added 8 hairstyles with 6 textures each (Total 20)-
-Added more Jackets, textures-
-Added more Layer-able Clothes-
-Added Sound Files-
-Added Face Texture with different eye colors-
-Added Holster-
-Added Armors-

-Added Jacket with 11 textures-
-Added 3 Layer-able clothes with 11 textures to go with the jacket
-Added leggings with 10 different textures-
-Removed a bag (waist bag) with its tex as per request from it's author-

-Added 16 new clothings-
-Added more upper bodies to use with it's appropriate clothings-
-Added 4 new bags-
-Added 8 new hairstyles-
-Added over 30 new textures-
-Removed some low res tex files-
-DIONYS19's upperbody is now included, which opens up the possibility to add alternate body clothing in the next update-

- Fixed everything -
- Fixed all missing body parts during Heists, side missions, races, playing golf, doing triathlon, swimming underwater with proper diving gears -
- Added more clothing textures -
- Added 1 hair mesh -
- Added few helmets -
- Added more bags -
- Fixed stockings now properly shows up on leg category when using skin control -
- Added more glasses -
- Added pain related sound files -

NOTE - I've fixed this mod entirely, I mean you cannot find a single bug in this mod.
So this is my version of MP female to Franklin that I created long time ago but didn't share.

Hello base, This is not my first mod as i have been a silent modder for a looong time. Mostly i'm lazy and i don't upload :p
So, this includes many re-texture of crop-tops, camisoles, jackets, tops, corsets, bra, panties, leggings, jeans, skirts, stockings and shoes, also includes many different bags, masks, earrings and glasses. hairstyles with colors (Primary is BLACK) to choose from can be changed in salon.
Also includes Diving Gears and Necklaces
You need Skin Control to browse through or you need to go to shops and buy em first and then change via wardrobe.
As for animation, you can use Enhanced Native Trainer (ENT) and use clip-set animations that will replace all animation to female instantly.
Audio files includes voices such as breathing, pain related voices. You can talk to other peds, curse 5/O or other peds, and many general pickup lines and much more in female voices :D

This mod will replace Franklin with MP Female (FULL) so that you can play it in Storymode/Freemode.

1.Make sure you have OpenIV and make sure Edit Mode
is on.
2. Go into GTAV in OpenIV and down to x64v.rpf
OR if you are using mods folder then mods/x64v.rpf
3. From here navigate to models/cdimages/streamedpeds_players.rpf/
4. Delete the player_one folder along with player_one.yft & player_one.ymt and then drag and drop the folder I included called player_one and player_one.yft & player_one.ymt into streamedpeds_players.rpf
5. Then navigate again to x64v.rpf/models/cdimages/streamedpedprops,rpf
6.Delete everything inside the player_one_p folder and then drag and drop all the contents of
the folder I included called player_one_p into it.
7. Head back up and navigate to
8. Delete player_one folder, player_one.yft and player_one.ymt
9. Head back up and navigate to
10. Delete player_one folder, player_one.yft and player_one.ymt
11. Lastly, drop all files from Audio folder from this mod to their designated location at
12. That's All! Enjoy and Have Fun!

THIS MOD INCLUDES DIONYS19's Clothing Meshes and Stockings & Hair mods

This MOD may or may not get furthur updates.
(If anyone wants to expand on this, feel free to do so)..
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