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Vanilla Image Previews

Included preview images:
  • Vanillaworks Extended 1.5
  • IVPack Final

This is an image/thumbnail pack for the Vanillaworks Extended vehicles and IVPack vehicles. The following scripts show preview images for add-ons:

Does your trainer/plugin/mod also support image previews? Let me know!

1. Choose the contents of one or all image folders
2. Menyoo: Copy all images into menyooStuff\Graphics\Vehicle Previews\
2. Add-on Vehicle Spawner: Copy all images into AddonSpawner\img\

The previews should show up in the trainers then.

All of the authors in Vanillaworks
All of the authors in IVPack
Boywond for the image

I'm on the GTA5-Mods Discord. If you're the author of a car featured in this pack and want any adjustments done, please let me know! Limitations are that any image in this pack will be resized to 480 pixels horizontally, and are in PNG format.

Vanillaworks: Images have been taken from their respective mod pages or have been provided.
IVPack: Images are taken from an album by CP.

Changed VWE 2.0 images to png

Updated for VWE 2.0

Updated for VWE 1.9
Skip 1.8, just to keep version equal with VWE itself.

Added vanilla vehicle previews that the game didn't have sprites for yet
Updated for VWE 1.8
Use proper images for hwaycar1, hwaycar2, hwaycar3 and hwaycar4.

Updated for VWE 1.7

Updated for VWE 1.6

Updated for VWE 1.5

Updated for VWE 1.2, added new previews and changed names accordingly. Old archive is still available.

Add IVPack vehicles
Fix buffalo4 in VWE

Add 4 missing police vehicle previews (rpdcar1, rpdcar2, rpdcar3, rpdcar4)
Change comet4 preview image to correct version

Initial release
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