Skysder's Enhanced Traffic Experience: Ultimate Edition [OIV] OUTDATED (1.0)

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Welcome to Skysder's Enhanced Traffic Experience: Ultimate Edition!

You can find a full, always up-to-date list of the mods included in this config here!

You may be familiar with my Lite version (of which you can find here!) and its main concept, which was to update and freshen Los Santos with DLC vehicles. The Ultimate Edition goes beyond DLCs and supports a vast majority of lore-friendly mods! There are a few exceptions regarding mods I did not and will not include, which are listed below.

- Old and or very low quality
- No immediate use for the mod (i.e. doesn't fit into traffic or scenarios)
- Unlore

That being said, this does include most lore-friendly mods you can find on this website. I searched far and wide to make sure I didn't leave any stone unturned. What can you find in the Ultimate Edition you ask? Read below!

- DLC vehicles + mods
- New dispatch.meta, popcycle.data, popgroups.ymt and edited vehiclemodelsets.meta!
- Ever-changing traffic variations

What to expect in the future:
- More fleshed out vehiclemodelsets
- New lore-friendly mods added on their release

Some important notes:

- Increasing your game's vehicle variety multiplier can do wonders for this mod. You can find that setting and your city density setting within /Documents/Rockstar Games/GTA V?settings.xml and look for CityDensity/VehicleVarietyMultiplier! Find a sweet spot for those settings that your PC can handle. I keep mine at 1.5 for density and 20.0 for variety respectively.
- GTA V is a game from 2013, so it can only handle so much! The game will prioritize some vehicles over others (A.K.A the 'GTA Effect') so don't panic if you see 4-5 of the same vehicle at a time. The game will adapt over time.
- This mod includes A LOT of mods, including LODless ones, that may decrease performance. However, they are few and far between and should not cause any extreme performance decreases, even on lower-end PCs.
- While this mod does support many other lore-friendly mods, I want to make it explicitly clear that it DOES NOT support the Vanillaworks Extended Pack 2.5. Instead, all mods supported are their singular versions. However, it will support VWE 2.6 in the future.

Installation instructions can be found in the README file located in the archive. Please read it thoroughly. I will not address comments regarding problems with installation unless absolutely necessary!

1.0 Hotfix:
- Added backup files!

Me, for the config & screenshots
A_mbien_t & johndoe968, for feedback
ItsJustCurtis, for the OIV package
Sir Stir Fry, for the logo

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