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PRSA ENB is an all-in-one and sophisticated visual enhancer, compatible with all weather and lighting mods, using custom shaders to offer the most natural and realistic visuals possible as a base to emulate photograph & movie pipeline.
Endless different looks possible using accurate reproduction of cameras, films, colorgrades and postprocessing.


Be sure to uninstall any other ENB and ReShade first and to reset the brightness option of the game to default (50%).
Disable the frame scaling advanced option and use a game's post-processing option set at least to VeryHigh else the ENB dll won't be able to work.
If you experience strong color effect when shooting at someone or when being shot, just disable the Display/Screen Kill effects.

Optionally you may disable the game's ambient occlusion as the ENB also has one.
Remember to set the proper Visual Mod you use in the ENB as explained in the tutorial and only use one weather mod at a time.
Laslty, as said in the included ReadMe: You need to edit the timecycle of NVR or VisualV to make them compatible with ENB, and not use any timecycle.asi addon. Please refer to the ReadMe for the details.

I: Download latest Enb version for GTA5 from Enbdev.com : http://enbdev.com/download_mod_gta5.htm

II: Extract d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e ONLY from the WrapperVersion folder into Grand Theft Auto V main folder, next to the game's .exe.

III: Download PRSA and extract all the content into the Grand Theft Auto V main folder, next to the game's .exe and Enb binaries (.dll).

IV: Open the included PRSA_README and follow the mandatory recommendations to make the ENB work with Natural Vision Remastered.
Read the ingame tutorial of the preset (enabled by default) to learn how to use it.

By default the game is preset for Natural Vision Remastered, which is the recommended weather mod to get the most out of PRSA.
Stock settings can perfectly be used out of the box for gaming.

That's it, Enjoy !

NVR: Natural Vision Remastered (no optional addons)
PRSA: PhotoRealistic San Andreas ENB

This release is for personal use only; You are not allowed to sell or redistribute this preset or its files on any platform, neither to reuse and redistribute its shaders, their configuration and settings or the files for your own mods or presets.

BORIS VORONTSOV: Creator of the ENB binaries and author of the original adaptation code. All my respects to him without whom none of this would be possible.

PROD-80: Author of the original RGB color correction and saturation limiter code.
CROSIRE, McFLY, HAWK, GEMFX: Authors of the original codes used in the Camera Settings and Post Processing.
BORIS VORONTSOV: Authors of the original AGCC code.
MARTY MCFLY: Author of the original DOF and Fish Eye code.
WEASELTRON: Original author of the Lens Distortion.
MATSO: Author of the original Chromatic Aberration used in the DOF.
ROMAIN DURA: Original author of blending and Brightness maths.
ROXAHRIS: ENB Port of Martin Grain and Overlay.
SONICETHER, MAXG3D: Author of the original Bloom code.
OHDEER: A couple of frame textures and pretty much all the dirt textures.
KINGERIC: For the help with the LUT atlas.

L00: Original idea, preset configuration and settings, shader setup and tweaks, port and modification of shader code, LUTS and textures, coffee and... everything else.
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