Mortay's Ragdoll Overhaul (OIV) 2.3

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1.0 : Initial release
1.1 : Better balancing, falling and headshots
1.2 : Improved headshots, balancing, falling, and better reactions on legshots.
(FIXED) a bug that caused peds to fly around when shot multiple times while dead on the ground
1.3 : Better and smoother headshots, improved fire and explosion reactions, better balancing
1.4 : Better falling, fire reactions, balancing, neck shots
1.5 : Improved balancing, bouncy headshots, neck shots, leg shots, stumbling
1.6 : Added OIV installer, improved stuntjump, falling, balancing, headshots, added rolling on the stairs, (fixed) bumping into peds, fire reactions
1.7(HUGE UPDATE) : added alike RAGEuphoria reactions, improved headshots, peds will sometimes stand 5 seconds after headshot, headshots will also depend on with firearm you are shooting, added shaking after death, improved falling reactions, added more weight to player and peds.
(FIXED) OIV installer
Added uninstaller
1.8 : Better balance, improved headshots a little, better legshots.
1.9(BIG UPDATE) : More balance, improved neckshots, better falling anim and much more!
What's new in 2.0
Stable balance, improved stunt jump, more weight, all bugs are fixed and more!
2.1 : Complete rebuild,Better balance, Fixed the headshot bug, Worse falling animation (will get fixed later), Better burning animation, And many more!
2.2 : New falling anim, Better balance, Peds will fall over wall more often, Better stuntjump,
Bouncy headshots are back!
2.3 : Complete rewrite, Fixed the stun gun bug, Peds will fall to knees more often, Less balance for more realistic look, Better headshots, Rolling down stairs is fixed too, Stuntjump is default, Peds have more weight (you can check it out when running them over with a car)
None, let me know
OpenIV: https://openiv.com
Scripthook: http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/
run the OIV installer
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