Hatsune Miku Loading Screen and Opening Music Theme 1.6

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Changes the loading screens to Hatsune Miku - Also, changes the default music to something special ;) I'm still learning how to to export the correct .oac settings for optimal quality.


Increased the resolution on many files, added an extra song choice. Added many new loading screens, fixed textures.

1.5 update

New Lowrider update changed the loading screens significantly, this update replaces the new files with new Hatsune Miku loading screens, instructions has also changed. Adds around 18 new screens.

1.6 update

Fixed several files that was changed from previous GTA updates, removed some files from the archive that were no longer needed, added a few new images and slightly increased resolution on some images.

Instructions - First off, backup every file that will be changed just in case.

New Instructions

Use Openiv to locate this folder first
update // update.rpf // x64 // data // cdimages // scaleform_frontend.rpf
drag all the frontend miku files across

Now go back to the platform_pc folder and drag and drop all the files

And put files starting with loadingscreen0.ytd and so on
update // update.rpf // x64 // data // cdimages // scaleform_platform_pc.rpf

Music Mod

*Important* BACK up Prologue.rpf before you do any editting - and don't use Online mode with any modified files*

In OpenIV go to "x64 // audio // sfx // prologue.rpf"

Make sure OpenIV is in edit mode.

:: Easiest Method is to copy td_loading_music.oac and td_loading_music folder to the desktop then import ::

And drag "td_loading_music.oac" into "prologue.rpf"
You should see a small openFORMATS screen appear, and if anything is working correctly it should automatically import the new sound files
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