Map updates pack [SiprusPack] 1.1

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What's in this pack
  • Updated Madrazo's ranch V2.0 (Global update)
  • Sculpture on the beach from first game version V1.2 (update)
  • Openable doors at Bahama West Mama's V1.1 (update)
  • Openable Friedlander's office windows V1.1 (update)
  • Motel room in Desert V1.1 (update)
  • Openable doors on Michael's balcony V1.2 (update)
  • Corrected ivy on Michael's mansion V1.1 (update)
  • Fixed IAA windows V1.1 (update)
  • Openable doors at the LifeInvader office V1.1 (update)
  • Hove Beach safehouse V1.2 (update)
  • Openable torture room (from the mission "By The Book") (new)
  • 'Split Sides' Comedy club collision (new)
  • Bahama West Mama's neons with LOD's (new)
  • Bahama West Mama's updated collision (new)
  • Breakable glass on the FIB roof V1.1

  • Imroved saferoom.
  • Now ranch have three new rooms: saferoom, bedroom, laundry room.
  • Three new entrances added.
  • Added minimap (made by rollschuh2282).
  • Almost all windows are now fully working.
  • Improved collision.
  • Fully working view change in the new rooms.
  • Some drawables have been replaced by fragments, which means that now you can break some props.

  • Added collision material, hi-res texture, LOD's to the sculpture on the beach.
  • Added functional doors, neons with LOD's, collison for chairs to the Bahama West Mama's.
  • Added functional door and windows, updated collision to the Friedlander's office.
  • Added working window to the motel room.
  • Fixed Michael's balcony doors emissive at night.
  • Added ivy decal and fixed backface culling to the Michael's mansion ivy.
  • Added missing blinds to the IAA office.
  • Added basement entrance to the LifeInvader office.
  • Improved light and props in the Hove Beach safehouse.
  • The door is now open in the torture room!
  • Added collision in 'Split Sides' Comedy club!

If you have installed "Open All Interiors" mod and loadMultiplayerMap=1 in OpenInteriors.ini or if you enabled MP maps with a trainer, use the mpmaps version.
If you have installed "Open All Interiors" mod and loadMultiplayerMap=0 in "OpenInteriors.ini" or you don't have Open All Interiors installed use the spmaps version.
Please write if you experienced crashes or other errors.
Please do not reupload this anywhere without my permission!

Script Hook V


3Doomer for GIMS Evo
GooD-NTS for OpenIV
dexyfex for CodeWalker
rollschuh2282 for ranch minimap
Neos7 for GTA V Map Helper
WildBrick142 for Restored Bahama Mamas neons

  • Fixed LOD issues caused by gtxd.meta

Open All Interiors
Packfile Limit Adjuster
Any modded gameconfig
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