Burgershot to Burger King [MLO / YMAP] 1.7

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- Burgershot to Burger King -

If you want Real Life thing this is for you, However if you like unreal thing then you can stick to Burgershot and continue to grow-up in reverse.

Install Burgershot Interior First:
GTAIV Burgershot Interior

Need critic , please drop comments, and report problems ty.

- OpenIV ( or codewalker's .rpf exlorer ) - with mods folder
- openIV.asi installed
- Winrar - to extract .rar package

- no more 3rd person camera issue
- Introducing the Comfort Room. ( Toilet is now open and enter-able as part of the interior )
- Working Mirror
- Extra Realistic Burger King Interior and Exterior , Emissive Kitchen Lights
- Emissive Big sign
- real foods in the kitchen ( whopper, double whopper, tower whopper)
- reflective effect at store counter
- dynamic feeling at parking area
- temporal fake mirror in the kitchen
- Burger king food van Cargen at parking
--> download the skin:
Burgerking Taco Van

- Tools used -
Codewalker ( fbx importer, material editor)
Fbx converter
notepad plus plus
OpenIV - openformats
3d ******* converter
maxon cinema4d

Warning: contains real brand materials, do not use the mod online and use it for non-profit purposes only.

on next udpate will be adding female ped standing as service crew.

- 3rd person camera issue is now fixed
- Updated thickness to exterior drive-in sign
- collision is added to the building brand box sign
- a clearer instructions

- successful return of true reflection mirror , No crashing this time.
- 3 working mirrors ( kitchen and comfort rooms)
- recalled the timecycle modifier
- improved collision
- improved divider glass texture
- adjusted the pendant light
- fixed portal issues

- added the custom made comfort room with fake mirror.
- water at dish sink
- fixed the disappearing crews when using burgershot script.

- fixed the crashing when going near
- fixed the LOD
- replaced the true mirror with fake mirror
- removed timecyclemodifier call

- true Reflection Mirror in the kitchen is now working
- added more food in the kitchen
- burgerkingprops.rpf is relocated to platform directory
- slightly fixed the interior camera collision by editing .ybn
- added some little corona at the kitchen light source
- got rid of the duplicated garbage props at the backyard
- defragmented .rpf files

- fixed memory consumption
- people spawn standing at the counter
- putted rooftop vents , aircon
- updated the ceiling ( smoke detector, pendant lamp with light, wood decors )
- updated the Brand sign ( round big sign, since 1954, drive-in, counter sign)
- updated the kitchen ( burgers and dispencers )
- added cargen
- added an Emissive advert poster at the steep roadside

- download pack has been updated.
- updated the Interior and exterior roof and entrance signage
- Lighted the Malfunctioned Bulbs at the kitchen with realistic looks
including the heater lamp of food que
(Lights no turning offs day and night 24hours)
- Burgerking foods added (Mcwhopper, impossible whop, Drinks and coffee, Frenchfries, tissue paper)
- Cola vend stand at the store side
- added details to Store front, ceiling, and kitchen
- new Photos for decorations
- removed the lights from timecycle

- initial release


1. Use openIV to manually install the mod and proceed carefully.

2. While in (OpenIV)Edit mode drag and drop ...


to \Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\burgershot\dlc.rpf

3. For the folder files you downloaded named - basev.rpf, textures.rpf, models.rpf, meta.rpf inside \dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5

drop their contents to the actual .rpf files in the burgershot dlc.


For these .rpf files you downloaded just drag and drop them also to the designated path given.




also bs_timecycmod.xml to . . \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\burgershot\dlc.rpf\common\data\timecycle

4. If you have downloaded the Burgerking TacoVan skin then put it to ..

\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\burgershot\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\olays.rpf

5. If you followed correctly then you now have installed it. Test ingame to check!

6. Done, Enjoy and don't forget to give likes or give a comment, thank you!


Recommended downloads:
7-ELEVEN dlc
Mcdonalds add-on


Smallo - Original dlc structure
jamessays - 3d models convert, burger king transformation setup
Z@gor - original burger king round sign
gtaDPS - timecyclemodifier settings
dexyfexy - for his Legendary Codewalker

custom props 3d models were downloaded free from sketchfab
whopper like burger model free downloaded at www.thepixellab.net

help me gather mapping stuffs by paypal donating/supporting me.. even 1 50cent will be helpful.

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