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  • Gtao57

    @Makinolo That's great to hear!

    11 ноември 2020
  • Gtao57

    @Makinolo Hi, sorry for the late response. It's true that the graphs on the site are just pictures. I very amateurishly "curve fitted" an equation over the "Fluid2 Power Curve" from the CycleOps site here: https://www.cycleops.com/post/blog-15-cycleops-science-resistance-curves
    The equation P = 0.0095*(x+2)^3 + 0.4 looks good, x is speed in MPH and P is in W. You should scale x a bit because this curve looks like it's just around 300 Watts to ride 30 mph on the trainer. Maybe around 1.5 scaling would work.

    01 ноември 2020
  • Gtao57

    Hi @Makinolo Thanks for this great mod. I read your comments about supporting dumb trainers with only speed and/or cadence sensors. I also read your comments about not narrowing down the user base needlessly.

    I know you think that you don't have time to maintain all the different speed-power curves for all dumb trainer models, but here's the catch: You only need two generic curves. One for fluid trainers, one for magnetic ones.

    You can use generic curves from this site (there are curves for e.g. Generic Fluid, Generic Magnetic and so on): http://www.powercurvesensor.com/cycling-trainer-power-curves/ This is not a competitive game, there is no need to balance things. Let the user decide what is "hard" or what is "easy". For instance, I know that the intensity on my trainer at 27 kmh is around the same on the road at 30 kmh or so. I know the intensity when I'm climbing a certain gradient etc. An adjustable offset parameter and a multiplier can do the job for most of the riders.

    If I had any clue about modding GTAV, I would try to implement it myself but I'm not really a smart person :).

    23 октомври 2020